• The 3-P classroom is in the process of being set up. More updates will be posted as the school year commences!


    Here is a sneak peek of the beginning of the year:

    Reading- We will "build a reading life." What are your strengths and goals, readers? What are your good habits? Where is your best reading spot? What do you like to read?


    Writing- We will become great storytellers of our own true stories. We need to decorate our Writer's Notebooks so we can stir up some memories that we can write about. 


    Math- We will build up our number sense by practicing how to count to 10,000, identify and use place values, compare and order numbers, and round numbers to the nearest 10 and 100. We will keep our basic skills SUPER STRONG so we can build and grow as mathematicians! 


    Science- We will begin our journey through the world of Geology. What is the Earth made of? How will the Earth change? 


    Social Studies- We will learn all about Geography. How do you read a map? How is reading maps helpful? Why do I need to know where I am in the world? 

Last Modified on August 24, 2022