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     Grade 3 Reading Units of Study

     1. Launching Fiction; Building a Community of Readers

    • students develop an understanding of fiction and organize important elements of the story
    • students read closely to identify to make logical inferences, summarize, determine the theme, author's message, and identify ky supporting detail
    • students will focus on setting up the reader's notebook via reading literature and character work
     2. Launching Non-Fiction; Building a Community of investigators 
    • students will enjoy reading and being read to using a wide variety and deep engagement of high-quality informational text
    • students will strengthen their knowledge of text feature 
    • students will identify the purpose of informational text and offer information related to a topic of study 
    • students will determine the meaning of and use content-specific vocabulary 

    3. Interpreting Traditional Literature 

    •  students will explore fables, folktales, and myths
    • students will learn elements of traditional literature and how each type has specific characteristics
    • students will notice that traditional literary texts explain different aspects of the world around them 

    4. Exploring Opinion and Persuasive  Text

    •  students will explore different perspectives on real-life issues
    • students will read or view videos and texts that will allow them to understand and compare/contrast varying perspectives on a topic

    5. Realistic Fiction- Book Clubs 

    • book clubs should target the structure of a realistic fiction text
    • there will be a focus on character, specifically, how the characters develop and change throughout the book 

    6. Informational Text 

    • students will be close reading non-fiction text as an investigator 
    • students will use the inquiry  process to help develop questions, pick a topic, and set a purpose for their research
    • students will learn how to sort, categorize, and organize information about a topic in order to present the information learned 

    ***Students will practice reading with proper pacing, phrasing, intonation, and orally in many ways.

    Students will use a multisensory reading approach to enhance their decoding and spelling skills.  Students will use a variety of strategies. These include dictation, the use of manipulatives, and repeating and stretching out sounds orally to help with decoding.

      Students will continue to build their sight word vocabulary and utilize the words before, during, and after reading a text.

    Students will utilize correct punctuation, sentence structure, and mechanics in their everyday writing.




    Grade 3 Writing Units of Study


    1. Launching Peeasonal Narrative

    • Students will use the writing process to effectively  generate ideas, plan, draft, edit and revise personal narratives
    • students will write with volume and stamina
    • students will apply the components of an effective narrative

    2.Expository Nonfiction

    • Students will gather information through research and restate the information in their own words
    • Students will analyze information writing by others to identify its components
    • Students will produce clear coherent writing in which the development and style are appropriate to task, purpose and audience

    3.Writing about Reading 

    • Students will focus on developing an opinion theory within a  given collection of texts
    • students will provide supporting details and evidence to persuade readers to understand their opinion/theory and claim
    • Students will will work on developing an understanding of essay format, writing in response to reading, and the use of transition words and phrases

    4. Opinion Wriiting

    • Students will focus on developing an opinion/theory/thesis/claim within a given collection of texts
    • Students will provide supporting details and evidence to persuade readers to understand their opinion

    5.Informational Writing 

    • Students will exam ine a topic and convey ideas and information clearly in their piece
    • Students will become experts on their topic so they can convey and teach information to their peers


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