School Counseling Department

    The middle school counselor provides support and services in a variety of ways. Working in concert with teachers and parents, counselors complete the circle of communication. Middle school years can be a time of academic, social, and emotional chaos for many if not most adolescents. The mix of hormones, emotions, social extremes and rapid growth comes at a time when parents and teachers are calling for greater self-reliance and demanding a heightened sense of responsibility. The many highs and lows our adolescents experience daily (and sometimes hourly) seem to fill their school days with endless amounts of drama, leaving little time to concentrate on academics and the all important preparation for high school. Fortunately for all of us, this is not the case. Middle school offers our students an opportunity to safely work through problems individually, as well as in groups. For more sensitive issues, or more fearful individuals, middle school counselors provide the safety net required to assist students. As students navigate their way through the learning process they become more comfortable and sure of their ability to identify and resolve sensitive situations. In so doing they identify their personal strengths and develop a sense of competency. In short they are beginning to develop that all important quality for successful living and learning, resilience.

School Counseling Staff

Last Modified on August 17, 2020