April 18, 2021

Posted by Daniel Garcia on 4/18/2021

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Just last Friday I was a guest speaker in all our Kindergarten classrooms. The Kindergarteners are learning about communities and about the helpers that exist in Livingston and Harrison Elementary School. My discussion with them was focused on the role of the Principal in the school and how one of the most important jobs I have is to keep them safe. Dr. Block's message to all Livingston families on Friday outlined our date to return to a full day of school with lunch and recess on May 10th.  As we look forward to extending our school day, my goal is to provide the safest environment that allows our children to grow academically, socially, and emotionally. At Harrison, we have already started to plan for this change and in the coming weeks, we will communicate more information to prepare you and our students for this change. If the change to full day instruction on May 10th has impacted your decision to change from virtual to in-person instruction, please let the office know so we have ample time to get our instructional spaces ready for that date.

Parent-teacher conferences are going to be held the week of April 26th. I know many teachers have already set up appointments with their parents. For the week of conferences there will be no small group instruction at the end of the day to make room for the meetings.

Kindergarten Registration is in full swing in the Livingston Public Schools. If you have a child that will be entering Harrison School next year as a Kindergartner or know of any children in the neighborhood, please encourage them to register. The website with all the information is linked here. We will be having an orientation for parents. We are also planning a visit for the incoming Kindergartners to see classrooms, connect with friends, and meet the teachers. More information will follow in the coming weeks. 

A few reminders for drop-off and dismissal...

  • As the weather is getting warmer, please consider walking to alleviate the car traffic
  • If you decide to walk you can utilize these locations to enter the building during arrival: Car drop off entrance, 3rd grade dismissal doors (Middle Blacktop) and the front door.

Our multicultural night is back this year! I am very proud that we are bringing back this tradition to celebrate our diversity as a community on TuesdayMay 18th. Detailed information will be sent out tomorrow on how you can participate in creating a showcase and changes to help us to socially distance. I look forward to seeing all the cultures, food, and traditions that make us so special here at Harrison! Thank you to the PTA for your collaboration and time to create a valuable experience for our community!

We have many fundraising opportunities in the coming months. Please consider supporting the events to help benefit our children at Harrison School. These fundraisers contribute to providing additional experiences for our children throughout the school year. The Harrison PTA Newsletter will detail these events.

Warm Regards,

Mr. Daniel Garcia