Dear Parents,

    In this note you will find some helpful information about snack and lunch.  Today, many children in kindergarten have serious food allergies. To ensure that all children are safe, happy, and healthy we ask that you please avoid sending SNACK TIME food that contains nuts (peanuts, tree nuts) and peanut butter. As you know kindergarten children tend to explore (touch) everything in their classroom. Choosing foods that do not contain these ingredients  will help keep all children safe.  

    You can send whatever you would like your child to eat for lunch as it is not eaten in our classroom.

    1.    Please send your child with both a snack and lunch every day.

    2.    To make it easier for the children (and teachers J) we keep lunch and snack in separate places, therefore please pack your child’s lunch and snack in separate bags labeled with his/her name.

    3.    Please be sure to include a drink with both lunch and snack.

    4.    If your child will be ordering lunch, please discuss the food choices you have made for him/her so they know what to be expecting for lunch on that day.


    Thank you so much for helping us keep all children healthy, happy, and safe! J

Last Modified on August 19, 2016