Healthy Snacking


    It's hard to resist a yummy snack - dinner might be hours away and lunch is a distant memory. But those hunger pangs can lead to overeating or munching on snacks full of calories, fat, or sugar. Before opening another bag of chips, read about healthy alternatives that are satisfying and easy.
    Snack Time - time to fuel your child’s thinking!
    Send your child to school with nutritious food choices that will help them focus, learn and grow.
    Applesauce Cheese sticks or chunks Berries
    Fruit cups Hard boiled eggs Pineapple chunks
    Bananas Saltine crackers Tangerine sections
    Dried fruits Carrot sticks Clementines
    Grapes or raisins Yogurt Broccoli
    Melon chunks Cottage cheese Celery sticks
    Oranges Fat-free pudding cups Cucumber
    Peach or pear slices Watermelon chunks Cherry tomatoes
    Pretzels Ritz crackers Popcorn
    Granola bars Cheerios Rice cakes
    Snacks should be a small portion of food and are NOT meant to be a substitute for breakfast. Fruit and vegetable pieces should be cut into bite-size pieces.  A few grapes, a few crackers in a baggie, a few chunks of cheese, is more than enough.
    When considering a snack for your child to eat at school please remember that fruit roll-ups, fruit gummies, poptarts, all cookies, candy bars, chips, brownies and most cereal bars are NOT healthy food choices.