•   Helpful Information 

    «  Backpacks:  Backpacks are very helpful because your child will have to carry papers, projects, and school notices.  Please make sure your child does not have a rolling backpack, as they are not allowed in Kindergarten.

    «  Sneakers:  Please have your child wear sneakers on gym days 

    «  Snacks:  Please send in a healthy snack that your child enjoys and can open independently.  Please print your child’s name on the snack bag and draw a star on the bag this way your child will be able to tell the difference between their lunch and snack. 

    «  Absences:  If your child is absent from school, please do a “Call For Safety” by calling (973) 535-8000x7104.  Also, send in a note when he or she returns. 

    «  Smocks:  Please send in vinyl long sleeved smock or an old, large T-shirt for your child to use as a smock.  Remember to print your child’s name on it and practice putting it on and taking it off independently.  If your child is not yet able to button and unbutton shirts, please do not send in a smock with buttons. 

    «  Name:  Please label all of your child’s clothing and possessions with his or her first and last name. 

    «  Birthdays:  You may send in party invitations only if you are inviting the whole class.  If you would like to celebrate your child’s birthday in school, we encourage non-edible treats (stickers, pencils, ect.)  Edible treats must NOT contain nuts and should be individually wrapped with the ingredients visible on the package. Home baked goods are not allowed.  You may also donate a book to the classroom library or send in a special book to be read aloud that day.  





Last Modified on August 26, 2021