• Livingston Public Schools World Language expectations:

    The expectation from Livingston Public Schools is for language classes to be 90% in the target language and 10% English use.  Still keeping in mind that elementary Spanish is only an introduction to the language and using the target language will allow your child to be exposed to and grow in the language. 


    My expectations are that students follow my 5 basic rules...

    1) Pay attention by looking and listening.  
    2) Treat each other with respect! 
    3) CALL OUT IN SPANISH!  I encourage communication in the target language, always!
    4) Sit OR stand appropriately, this is for the safety of your child.  
    5) Have fun BUT DON'T GO BANANAS!

     ~*~*~Just keep calm and speak Spanish!~*~*~

    P.S. Parents, please check out my resources page for videos and games your child can do at home.  You can find these resources on the drop-down menu to the left.  

    If you have any questions please feel free to e-mail me at: rgonzalez@livingston.org 



Last Modified on September 24, 2020