Nutrition is Key


    pan of veggies



    What's in the news about kids and calories?  What's a parent to do?  Go to

    to go to the new food guidance to help you understand your child's needs for  nutritionally healthy food choices. 

    Livingston's Nutrition Policy in a Snapshot

    Foods that are prohibited:
    Ø All food and beverage items with sugar listed as the first ingredient.
    Ø All forms of candy.
    Ø All forms of soda.
    Ø All forms of food and beverages containing more than 8 grams of total fat per serving.
    Ø All forms of food and beverages containing more that 2 grams of saturated fat per serving. 

    Consider this:  According to government and medical statistics, this current generation of young people may be the first to live shorter and sicker lives than the preceding generation.

    • Obesity leads to the lifelong consequences of heart disease cause by elevated blood pressure and elevated cholesterol.
    • The increase in Type 2 Diabetes diagnosis, particularly in our adolescent population, correlates  with the rise in obesity.
    • Increased cancer rates have been linked to obesity.
    • Obesity has driven up the rate of asthma in the US.
    • Increased incidences of sleep apnea can be linked to increasing waistlines.
    • Social discrimination is noted by overweight and obese populations.
    • Studies show that overweight children and teens are more likely to become obese adults. 

    Some tips to getting those veggies in include washing and chopping ahead of time so they are ready to eat.  Serve a fruit or vegetable at every meal.  Try topping cereal with fruit.  Can't get your child to eat cooked green beans or peas?  When they clamor that they are hungry just before dinner, offer the beans or peas frozen....  My kids loved the crunchiness and they got a serving of veggies in.  How about baby spinach in a tossed salad?  Try an excursion to the grocery store and let them pick something red (apple, tomato, pepper), something purple (eggplant), something yellow (squash, pepper, apple), something green (peas, beans, broccoli).  See how long that list of different fruits and veggies can become.  Can your family try 30 different fruits and vegetables by the end of a month without repeating? How about a family project this summer by growing a backyard garden? 
    And, of course, don't forget the exercise.  A backyard whiffle ball game with a parent playing makes for some great memories and healthier family members all the way around.