•             HOMEWORK POLICY

          All students in the Resource Center will receive individualized homework which will support their specific learning styles and needs.  Those participating in the multi-sensory reading program may receive an assignment to reinforce  patterns, strategies and techniques that were taught in class.

    Comprehension supports will be sent home to help improve understanding of text and to support reading workshop strategies.

          All students are expected to read nightly and keep track of their reading on reading logs.
          The most important thing we can all do at home is read, read read!! 
    Math homework is given on a daily basis.  This homework will support concepts taught and practiced in class.  Review homework in math will also be sent home so students can hold onto concepts, skills and processes previously taught.  A week prior to a math test, a working study guide will be sent home 
    In general, homework is due the day after it is assigned.  It is collected and marked and does factor into report card grades.  Homework should NOT be a struggle!  If, for some reason, your child is having difficulties with the homework, please return it with a note so I can work with your child and re-teach those concepts.  Also, if your child is unable to complete an assignment due to circumstances, please either send me a note or email me.  In those special cases, that homework can be completed the following night. 
Last Modified on September 9, 2022