• happy birthday

    In Kindergarten, your child's birthday is a very special time and will be acknowledged in different ways.  Your child will be mentioned on the Morning Message and he/she will be sung to by the class. Mr. Gramata will also deliver a pencil and give birthday wishes to your child via morning announcements. 

    As you know, sending in food on your child's birthday is not encouraged, however if you want to bring in an edible treat, please keep it small.  Also, please check with our nurse that your treat is deemed "school safe." As an alternative, feel free to send in non-edible treats, such as a pencil or stickers.  Another option is you can donate a book or game to the class.  Of course all this is optional.  

    Additionally, if you are having a party, you may send in party invitations ONLY if you are inviting the whole class or all boys or all girls.

    We love celebrating and cannot wait for your child to enjoy their special day!


    Thank you!


Last Modified on August 29, 2021