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Homework Reminds and Tips

  • Reading Homework books

    • Please remember to check your child's Book Bag each night for any notes or completed classwork.

    • Typically for homework, students will have a reading comprehension worksheet and spelling work or a fluency passage. If a fluency passage is assigned.

    • If students are not assigned a comprehension worksheet or guided reading responses, students should be reading an independent book for 20 minutes each night. Please remember to sign off on the R.E.D. reading log. When reading their independent reading book, please encourage them to follow the 'Just Right Books' bookmark and the '5 Finger Rule' 

    • In Reading class, we have been using the Post-it Strategy to keep track of any questions or thoughts we have while reading, and also to check for comprehension. Below is a link that goes more in depth about the benefits of post-it trailing, as well as some examples of students post-its.

    Math Homework math

    • Students should be practice their basic fluency facts each night. There are some games under the 'Helpful Math Websites' tab the students can use to practice. Students should also be reviewing any notes frpm class that day to keep the information fresh in their memories, as it will be built upon. They can also rewatch teacher recorded videos that are linked in Google Classroom as a lesson reteach or to reinforce concepts they might be struggling with.
Last Modified on September 22, 2021