In this unit, there will be a focus on setting up the Reading Workshop while examining characters in literature.  Students will be able to establish, reflect on and revise ongoing goals to improve reading behaviors and deepen their thinking. Students will write about character change, motivation, actions, and relationships in response to their reading. 


    In this unit, students will learn the skills, processes, practices needed to create and perform experiments. Students will be able to replicate results of the experiments they designed. Students will also apply the steps of the engineering design process to create solutions to problems. Labs to look forward this Unit are the Penny Boat Lab, Gobbstopper Experiment, multiple STEM and engineering projects and the culminating Plant Project!


    Students will develop their understaing of the lenses of Social Studies, the Physical, Political, Economic, Social, and Cultural. Additionally, students will answer the questions what is a historian? How do historians study history? Students will answer these questions through their exploration of primary and secondary sources and make real life connections presenting examples of each from their own life. 


    Students will learn how to express, order, and compare whole numbers up to the billions and decimal numerals to the hundred-thousandths.  Students will round whole numbers to specific place values. They will also explain the value of a digit based on its position within a number. 

Last Modified on October 13, 2020