What Do I Need?

  • Supplies: 2021-2022

          We are excited that your child will be in first grade in September and are anxiously waiting for school to start. 

    Below are 2 lists of supplies your child will need.  The  first part is a list of school supplies that were offered through the PTA, which you may or may not have pre – ordered.  The second is a list of things every child will need to bring.


    If you ordered supplies through the PTA, these supplies will be in school for your child on the first day.  If you did not order supplies, your child will need to bring them to school.


    _______  2 containers of cleaning wipes

                      (no baby wipes)

    _______  12 glue sticks

    _______  1 sharpener- pencil/crayon

                     - double barrel

    _______  1 box of thick markers- 8 ct.

    _______  1 box of thin markers- 8 ct.

    _______  2 boxes of Ticonderoga

                     sharpened pencils- 12 ct.

    _______  2 boxes of crayons- 24 ct.

    _______  1 box of sharpened colored pencils

    _______  1 Magic Rub white eraser

    _______  1 package of solid color post–it notes

                     (4x6 ruled)

    _______  1 package of yellow post- it notes


    _______  1 package of 3x5 index cards- 100 ct.

                     (white and ruled)


    Below is a list of supplies NOT included in the above list that every child will need to bring to school.

    _______  1 smock – preferably an old shirt

    _______  4 packages of zip lock baggies

                     quart (1) gallon (3)

    _______  2 rolls of double sided

                     permanent tape

    _______  1 pair of blunt tip safety scissors

    _______  1 box of fine tip expo markers


    Enjoy the Summer! 

    We look forward to seeing your child on

    Wednesday, September 1st!!


    The First Grade Teachers