• math

    This year the students will explore many different tpoics in math, it is helpful to relate these learning experiences to real life situations at home too! 


     1st grade Math: 

    Unit 1- Reviewing Number Concepts

    Unit 2- Extending number concepts

    Unit 3-Understanding Addition and Subtraction

    Unit 4- Addition Strategies 

    Unit 5- Place Value 

    Unit 6- Subtraction Strategies

    Unit 7- Tine/ Money

    Unit 8- Geomety 

    Unit 9- Measurement 

    A first grade student will be able to: 

    • represent numbers 1-20 in a variety of ways
    • explore number sense concepts including ones and tens 
    • skip counting
    • problem solving strategies by acting it out or drawing 
    • understand matematical terms related to adding and subtracting
    • learn addition strategies 
    • Learn subtraction strategies
    • identify coins and uses in real life 
     2nd Grade Math:
    Unit 1- Number Sense
    Unit 2- Money (Mini Unit)
    Unit 3- Time (Mini Unit)
    Unit 4- Addition
    Unit 5 - Subtraction
    Unit 6 - Data Analysis and Measurement
    Unit 7- Geometry
    Unit 8- Fractions
    A second grade student will be able to:
    • Create number stories, model, represent, and use appropriate strategies to recall addition/subtraction facts to 24.
    • Create number stories, model, represent and use appropriate strategies to compute double digit addition/subtraction problems.
    • Recognize, know values and equivalences, and model combinations of coins that equal given amounts or give change for amounts up to $1.00.
    • Build models, and identify and compare attributes among various 3 dimensional shapes.
    • Build models, represent and compare two and three digit numbers.
    • Measure, estimate, use and compare non-standard and standard units in context.
    • Represent, analyze, interpret and make predictions based on a set of contrived or student generated data
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