Ways to help your children at home in Reading: 

    Grades K-2 


     Have your child practice reading out loud to you.

     Discuss story or movie plot with your child.

    Retell the story including a clear beginning, middle and end. 

    Make connections (think about how the story reminds you of something in your life or another book)

    Identify the story or movie elements- character, setting, problem and solution.

     Make inferences....Ask why question and have your child find "evidence" from the story to answer.


     After reading a non-fiction book.........

    Write down key words to help you remember the main idea.

    See if you can recall information by looking at the key information and text features.

    Make a list of  at least two facts you learned.


    Each night the students will receive a math assignment on a  worksheet or textbook page that reinforces concepts taught in class. Students should be able to work fairly independently.

    • Review facts daily
    • Review vocabulary and concepts in math folder  (Keep previously learned material fresh)
    • Review your child's work together and discuss the concepts being learned in class- have them explain it to you.
    • Look for study guides for quizzes and tests in your child's folder; please sign and return
    • Practice Calendar math skills- time/elapsed time, counting money/change, measurement, and 3D shapes/ angles and patterns. 


Last Modified on September 1, 2020