• Meet and Greet
    On Friday, October 10, 2014, this year's Livingston High School Alumni Hall of Fame Inductees and the LEAD Award Recipients were greeted by administrators, faculty and SGA members in the lobby of the school.
    The LEF would like to thank Jen Alvich, SGA advisor, for having members of the SGA there to meet and greet the honorees as well escort them to classrooms for discussions with students. They were Dylan Camche, Skyler Granatir, Jeremy Knopf, Kolade Lawal, Josh Lomita and Alana Zuber.
    The LEF gratefully acknowledges LHS art teacher, Tori Gioisi, and her student photographers - Danielle Berk, Emma Kane, Kristin Leechow, Alyssa Ratner, Peri Al Rawas and Gabriella Tejeda, for capturing these moments at LHS and sharing their photos.