• Meet and Greet
    On Friday, October 21, 2016, this year's Livingston High School Alumni Hall of Fame Inductees and the LEAD Award Recipients were greeted by administrators, faculty and SGA members in the lobby of the school.
    The LEF thanks the following students who served as ambassdors during the alumni visit to LHS - Ben Asher, Luke Spiegler, Zach Zamore, Adam Geffner, Dev Thakkar, Tej Thakkar, Jacquline Gesualdo, Will Taylor, Richard Kim, Maggie Rong.  
    The LEF gratefully acknowledges LHS art teacher, Arlene Brown, and her student photographers - Sege Fils Ame, Sabrina Rom, Zoe Pritikin and Bridget Carlson; and Steve Milano's TV crew - Carly Katzeff, Sean Carney and Nick Meaney.