• Alumni Visit LHS
    In a culmination of Spirit Week at LHS, our distinguished alumni visited with students in the classrooms.  They spoke about their experiences at LHS and how their K-12 education influenced them as they moved on to higher education, in their professional careers and in service to the global community. Each honoree recalled that by following their individual interests, which were reinforced by the many curricular and extra-curricular programs throughout their elementary, middle and high school years, they were able to grow as individuals. They spoke about connections to the core curriculum, electives, service experiences and athletics at LHS that helped build their character and contribute to their current successes and achievements. They spoke of teachers who influenced their thinking and administrators who helped to guide them.
    The LEF would like to thank Allison Friedman, Dan Stein, Piper Law, and Christina Torrens, student photographers, for the slideshow below of the alumni visit.