Welcome to the Heritage Health Office!
    Spring sport physicals and updated health history forms are due in the health office on Monday, February 26th. Every physical exam form will be forwarded to the school physician for medical clearance.  Students cannot participate without this clearance.
    Athletic Physicals for the 2018/2019 school year will be held at LHS in the aux gym on June 12, 2018 from 2:45PM to 4:30PM.
    These free athletic physicals are provided for those families with no medical home as outlined by the State of New Jersey.
    My goal at Heritage is to keep my students healthy, happy and in class. Heritage Middle School health services will meet the New Jersey State standards. All students will be screened for blood pressure, height and weight (BMI). Students in grade 7 will also be screened for auditory acuity and scoliosis, while students in grade 8 will also have a vision screening. Health education and counseling, medical referrals and follow-up care are provided as needed. Emergency Care Plans are written for each student with the potential for Anaphylaxis. Individual Health Care Plans are also written for students with chronic health conditions.
    I hope to provide maximum health services to students, faculty and the community. Please contact me (Kathleen Pizzano, RN) at 973-535-8000 Ext. 8145 or kpizzano@livingston.org.
     *Please update your emergency phone numbers, including cell phones, so that we may easily contact you. Please inform the nurse’s office of any changes in your child’s health.