• Safety, Security & Communication
    Call for Safety
    The Call for Safety extension is 7108. If a child is going to be absent, parents are urged to leave a message on this extension before 8:30 am. The HSA will provide you with further information regarding the Call for Safety in the Fact Pack.

    Building Security
    Once homeroom begins at 8:35 am, all doors are locked for security reasons. All visitors must enter the main office, located immediately to the right upon entrance to the building. All visitors must sign in and receive a visitor’s pass.  
    We kindly request that all parents call, email, or make appointments with teachers regarding academic issues. Parents may contact staff by phone or via email using the first initial and last name of the staff member (i.e. dostrowski@livingston.org). Please keep emails brief. If an email will take more than a few sentences, I suggest calling the teacher to express your concern. Our secretaries will take phone messages for staff to contact parents and/or make appointments. Parents must dial the main number 973-535-8000, press the #, and dial 8070 for the Main Office or 8080 for Guidance. Please remember that students are strictly prohibited from carrying a cell phone with them. All cell phones MUST be turned off and kept in a hall locker or backpack.
Last Modified on August 20, 2015