Student Arrival, Dismissal, Drop-Off Zones and Transportation Procedures
    Students may arrive at Mt. Pleasant Middle School no earlier than 8:00 am. There is no adult supervision prior to this time, and parents/guardians are reminded that it is unacceptable to drop off children prior to this time because such an action presents a safety and security risk. Upon arrival, students who do not take the buses and are not involved in a scheduled, school activity should enter the building through Door 3 (see map on next page) and proceed directly to the cafeteria where they can purchase breakfast food and wait for admittance into the school beginning at 8:25 am. All students must be seated in homeroom by 8:35 am.

    Students participating in a scheduled, school activity should enter the school through Door 5 (main entrance). They will have to be buzzed into the building and be admitted by a faculty member in the front lobby. Students seeking extra help will need a pass to enter the building. Students participating in other school activities will be on a list that will be checked by a faculty member.

    Bus students will arrive on the Mt. Pleasant Avenue side of the building and report to the Auditorium through Door 6 (side door) under the portico. At 8:25 am, all students are permitted to go to their lockers and must be in homeroom by 8:35 am.

    Students who are not in homeroom by 8:35 am must sign-in late in the Main Office with Mrs. Covello.
    The school day ends at 3:23 pm. Students may visit teachers after school for extra help between 3:23 pm and 3:46 pm. Please note that students must make prior arrangements to work with a teacher. Students are not permitted to loiter in the hallways waiting for transportation. Parents are asked to help their children plan transportation arrangements in advance and to please adhere to the established dismissal times. At dismissal, bus students will report promptly to the doorway on the Mt. Pleasant Avenue side of the building by the Band Room to meet their bus to go home. Bus students must have their bus pass in their possession. Bus students are reminded that they must take their regularly scheduled bus to their assigned drop-off point. Bus students may not change routes to go home with friends. The West Essex YMCA offers an after-school care program at Mt. Pleasant Middle School. Please contact the YMCA for information regarding this program.

    Parents who are picking up their children from school may not enter the Mt. Pleasant Middle School complex. Please park along Broadlawn Drive and wait for your children. Only school buses are allowed to enter the Mt. Pleasant Middle School complex. Please do not attempt to enter the complex from the Mt. Pleasant Avenue side of the building. Construction vehicles will be entering and exiting the complex from this entrance. Remind your children to walk along the sidewalks and not take short cuts through the parking lots as doing so poses a safety risk.

    Drop-Off Zones
    Parents who are driving their children to school must enter the oval from Broadlawn Drive. Please do not attempt to enter the Mt. Pleasant Middle School complex from the Mt. Pleasant Avenue side entrance. Use of this entrance is strictly prohibited as it poses a safety risk. School buses and construction vehicles will be using the entrance. Students may be dropped off along the curb on the oval. Please refer to the diagram below. Parking along the front oval is prohibited. Please do not park in numbered spots as these are assigned spots for faculty and staff. If you must park your vehicle, please use the spots clearly marked for visitors. If the safety cones are up and blocking the oval entrance, please drop off your children along the curb on Broadlawn Drive. Students are expected to walk on the sidewalks down to the front of the school building and not cross through the parking lots between cars. There are crossing guards at all intersections to help pedestrians cross the street safely.
    Students who plan to ride a bicycle to school must wear a helmet and have a bicycle lock. Bicyclists must walk to the bike racks located near Door 3 by the cafeteria. Bicycles must be locked at the rack for security. 
Last Modified on August 20, 2015