• Reflection Organizer: It would be helpful if you actually looked at your timeline while you made notes for your reflection, or look at the events page if you are doing this at home.

    Paragraph 1

    1. Opening : This should describe what the timeline is, how big it is, what scale was used, and what kinds of events you put on the timeline, and working with large numbers.

              We made a timeline of Earth’s history that began when the earth was formed 4.6 billion years ago and continued all the up to the present day. The scale we used was ………etc.

    Paragraph 2

    2. Name at least three important things you learned by making this time line.

    3. What were the things you found most interesting?

    4. Were there any surprises?

    Paragraph 3

    5. Which era would you like to learn more about  and why?

    6. Choose two events that are on your timeline and make an inference about what the Earth would be like if they did NOT take place.

    Paragraph 4

    7. Conclusion: Since this project tracked how life developed on Earth, what are your own ideas about this, for instance the possibilities of life on another planet, and what might happen next on this planet in the future? What questions do you have? ( At least four are required.)

Last Modified on February 14, 2020