November,  2017


     We've just had our Back to School rally, and our class was awarded Hank for the next month. Some pictures of Hank are coming soon. In ELA Reading Workshop, students are learning about characters and how they develop and change in a story. We are contining to use the Notice and Note Signposts to slow down our reading and think about themes. In writing, students are starting to wrap up their personal narrative stories, by doing final revisions and edits. In science, the 5th grade did an investigation of the water quality of Littel's Pond, and then compared their results to water taken from the Passaic River. There were some surprising results! 
    We are beginning a new unit on Matter and Energy. Students will be learning about states of matter, atoms, molecules and electrical circuits. They will also be making a book about the states of matter and teaching the second graders, since they are studying the same topic.
     Littel's Pond    Littel's Pond                      Bacteria
     Please contact me with any questions and concerns. My email is  cebneth@livingston.org
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