Safety Policies and Procedures

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    Harrison School Safety Policies and Procedures Information for Parents


     Our Harrison School staff makes every effort to keep your children safe as they proceed through their daily academic and social routines. It is the responsibility of all of the adults in our school community to adhere to the following safety procedures and maintain an open line of communication in regards to any possible hazards.

    • School doors are locked during the day and surveillance cameras are used.
    • All visitors must use the main entrance which has an intercom/camera system.
    • All visitors will be questioned as to their business and connection to the school. No outside vendors are permitted in the school without prior notice from the Board of Education offices or an appointment set with administration.
    • Identified visitors will be buzzed into the office and are directed not to hold the door open for anyone in the vestibule.
    • All identified visitors will be directed to the office and those who have an appointment or are volunteering throughout the school will be asked to sign in and take a dated badge. These individuals must wear this pass. Staff has been directed to challenge any adult in the building without a pass.
    • If you need to drop off a forgotten lunch, instrument, birthday treat or see the nurse, please follow the above procedures. Once in the office the staff will take the materials and make sure your child receives his or her belongings. If the nurse is needed and available you will then be directed to the Health Office. Parents will not be permitted to visit the classrooms.
    • We have a detailed Crisis/Emergency Plan and continue to train our staff in this plan.
    • Our district works closely with both the LPD and LFD to ensure your child’s safety.


    Please understand that we encourage parent participation however we must be vigilant in maintaining a secure school building.




     Morning Drop-Off

    • For the first three days (September 4th, 5th and 6th) will lineup outside. We will then transition inside.
      • The kindergarten and fifth grade classes will line-up on the K blacktop
      • Grades 1-4 meet on the middle blacktop.
      • All doors will be marked as will the classroom lines.
    • The drop-off line has been moved closer to the K blacktop. (See attached map on how to use the drop-off lines).
    • Parents are welcome to walk children to their classroom lines but please remember the first few days are very crowded. You may need to park in the surrounding neighborhoods. Additional directions and maps have been posted and sent home.
    • We have adults monitoring the children beginning at 7:35. Please do not drop off children or walk children to school before this time.
    • Please use the drop-off line between 7:35 and 7:55 to prevent additional traffic backup.
    • Aides are assigned to meet the buses and check the children into school. If there is time, the children walk through the school to their assigned line-up area. If not, they walk to their classrooms.

    PARENTS and GUARDIANS –Please be aware that all traffic laws must be obeyed in the neighborhoods surrounding the school and our parking lot.

    Children walk from many of the neighborhoods- thus we all must be vigilant. For example, parking on the wrong side of the street on Longacre makes it very difficult for drivers to see children in the crosswalks. 

    The LPD will be monitoring these areas. Please be careful and stop for pedestrians in the crosswalks!




    • Continue to use the TYPICAL drop -off line. It is marked so that all children may enter the school through the OLD GYM   Staff will be there to direct all children.  We will have all the children lining up inside.
    • There will be supervision for rainy day entrance at both the OLD GYM door and DOOR 8 (Grade 3 Middle Blacktop) for those children who walk alone or with parents.
    • Due to safety concerns and space restraints parents may not enter the building with their children.
    • Once inside the children will go to their assigned supervised areas:
    • Kindergarten children will be sitting at the tables in the OLD GYM with supervision.
    • Grades 4-5 will be in the LUNCHROOM with supervision.
    • Grade 3 will be in the MEDIA CENTER with supervision.
    • Grades 1-2-will be in the NEW GYM with supervision.




    The grade levels will dismiss out their assigned doors. Each door has been labeled and we will send specific information to our kindergarten parents. 

    • Fourth Grade will dismiss out the side door within the alcove near the drop off line .
    • Fifth Grade will dismiss out the side door nearest their classrooms and the parking lot.
    • First, Second and Third Grades will dismiss out their grade level doors on the Middle Blacktop.
    • Kindergarten will dismiss out the exit door at the end of the Media Wing.

    We have grade level teachers at each exit door to make sure that all the children go to their appropriate dismissal areas, bus or to the after-school care program.

    • Attendance is taken at the YMCA after care program.
    • Each homeroom teacher is responsible for the dismissal of their class. If they are not able to supervise during dismissal a substitute will be appointed to do so.
    • The children will be released to the area designated by their parent /guardian on the School Dismissal Permission Form. Teachers in Grades K-2 will accompany their classes out of the building. Teachers in Grades 3-5 will walk their children to the appropriate exit door for dismissal.
    • Staff members are assigned to the pick-up line. 
    • A staff member will bring any child to the office who has not been picked up within 15 minutes. 
    • All large bus students meet in the World Language Room and ESL Room where attendance is taken by the assigned staff members. The teachers then escort the children directly to the bus. Small bus students are put on the bus by either teachers or aides and attendance is taken on the bus. 
    • If your child is typically a bus student and will not be going home on the bus, you need to send a note to your child’s teacher indicating this and letting us know how your child is getting home. 
    • All JCC aftercare program children gather in a classroom where attendance is taken. The JCC bus driver comes into the building to pick up these students.


    Reminders Regarding Dismissal

    • All parents need to send a note if any child is going to have a play date with a friend or deviate from their typical pick-up schedule as stated on the School Dismissal Permission Form. If a change in plans occurs due to an emergency please notify the office as soon as possible.


    • Any child who does not have permission to walk home and is not picked up at dismissal should go immediately to the front office. Please reinforce that children should not leave the school grounds. This policy is reinforced every year in every classroom.


    • If you get delayed for any reason, please call the office before dismissal to let us know. We will have your child(ren) come to the office until you arrive.


    • Please be aware that we do not monitor the playground after hours. All children who have parental permission to walk home should proceed home at dismissal and are not permitted to play without parental supervision.




    For safety and efficiency, please follow these procedures:


    The morning drop off line can be quite long after 8:00. If you arrive before 7:55, the entire process takes less than 2 minutes.


    • It is imperative that all students who are driven to school be dropped off on the NORTH side of the building (Ashwood Drive entrance).


    • Drop-off and pick-up in the designated zone area only. NEVER drop-off or pick up on the south side of the building or on the semi-circle in front of the building. The only exception would be for those individuals who need to use the handicapped space and ramp.


    • If you are utilizing the DROP-OFF/PICK-UP lines please do not get out of your car. Children should enter or exit the car utilizing the passenger side only.  


    • Please instruct your child(ren) to keep their seatbelt on until your car has come to a complete stop.


    • If your child(ren) needs assistance or are unable to unbuckle their seatbelts, you must park your car and walk your child(ren) to their line.


    • DO NOT pass cars dropping off or picking up child(ren), as this is unsafe. There is not enough room to have a passing lane and pick-up/drop-off lane.  The few minutes it takes ensures everyone’s safety.


    • Please keep your speed low.


    • The typical DROP-OFF Zone is near the Old Gym. .


    • The PICK-UP ZONE will still be near the trees.



    We dismiss approximately 250 children using the drop-off line.  Please be patient so all of the children are safe.


    • The pick-up area is near the trees-be aware of your speed. Please go slowly!


    • Cars line up in the large lot toward the right. When a parent sees their child waiting in the line -they may pull out of the waiting line and proceed slowly into the pick-up area.


    • Parents please instruct your children to be ready and looking for you in the afternoon. Siblings/Carpools must stand together. Do not come to the pick-up area if you do not see your child(ren) waiting.  Remain in the pick-up line in the larger lot. Parents/Guardians will be asked to circle around if you arrive at the line and your child isn’t there.


    • Six cars will be move into the pick-up zone near the trees at one time. A teacher will stand at the beginning and end of the line so that the line doesn’t move until all six cars are safely filled and doors are closed.



    Ashwood Parking Lot

    Please be aware of your speed. Do not drop children in lot. Please do not park in the upper section of the parking lot as these spaces are used by staff. Please do not double park or park in front of the emergency gates.


    • Please do not park or drop children off in the bus circle in the front of the building.


    • If you bring your child(ren) to school on the south side of the building and park on Briar Cliff Road please walk your child(ren) to the building through the path that comes from that street. The path empties into an active staff only parking lot.


    • DO NOT pick-up or drop off on the south side of the building. Additional cars in this area are a threat to the safety of our children who walk to school on that side of the building.




    • If someone, other than yourself, will be dropping off or picking up your child(ren), they need to know the procedures.


    • School begins at 8:05 AM. Please make every effort to have your child at school on time. The children are marked tardy after 8:05.


    • If you are running late, please park and bring your child to the office. We do not have supervision after 8:15. If the door is closed you must bring you child to the office.


    • Please treat all staff members with respect. We are all working together to ensure the safety of 450+ students.

    While we continue to do everything in our power to protect your children, cooperation from parents and others in the community is vital. Please help us to keep your children safe.  Please contact our main office at 973-535-8000 ext. 8110 if you have any questions.  Thank you!