School Rules

  • Hallway

    1. All classes should walk on the right hand side of the hallways and stairways. (Green signs will indicate GO on doors.)
    2. Stop at all stop signs so your teachers can see you at all times.
    3. Classes should be in single file lines.
    4. Hands at your sides.
    5. No talking.
    6. The line leader and door holder are always the 1st and 2nd people on line.
    7. The door holders should stand carefully when they hold the door.


    1. Only one boy and one girl from each classroom are allowed in the bathroom at a time.
    2. All classrooms should have a sign-out sheet with the times listed (primary grades will use small digital clocks).
    3. Students should use bathroom manners. (Ex: no locking the doors on people; no throwing wet paper towels; urine only goes where it belongs; no clogging sinks.) 


    1. Ball playing is for the fields. No playing ball on the blacktop except wall ball and 4 square.
    2. When playing on the fields please stay away from the woods.
    3. Always stay within sight of the playground aides. Do not leave the playground/blacktop area.
    4. No hard balls, bats, or sticks.
    5. Take care of the equipment. Return to the proper place or person.
    6. Treat everyone kindly. No hitting or kicking, etc.
    7. Speak appropriately. No foul language.
    8. Take turns, be considerate and include all those that are in the same grade level in a game.
    9. If you have a problem and can’t work it out on your own, please go to an aide for help.
    10. We go DOWN slides on playground and take turns on all of the equipment.
    11. We sit on swings and do not twist and turn on them or twist the chains.  Do not jump off while it is moving.
    12. We respect our building and grounds. Do not pull or hang on low tree branches.
    13. Leave stones and wood chips where they are and do not throw.
    14. We climb only on playground equipment. Do not climb on railing or wall near the new gym.
    15. Only appropriate footwear should be used when climbing equipment on the playground – no sandals, clogs etc.
    16. The classrooms are locked at lunch. No going back to the classroom for toys or ice cream money.
    17. All students must obtain a pass from an aide in order to enter the building during recess. 

    Lining up at the end of recess

    1. When the bell rings at the end of recess, stop playing and go to your class line.
    2. Return balls and equipment to the aides.
    3. Do not get out of your class line.
    4. There should be no playing with balls, electronic games, etc., after the bell.
    5. Make sure all jackets and sweaters have been picked up from your line.
    6. No pushing or shoving in line.
    7. Recess is over once you re-enter the building.  Please use inside voices and behavior.


    1. Lunch basket holders need to wait until all classes have passed before carrying baskets up the stairs (4th and 5th grade classes).
    2. Do not dive into the lunch baskets for lunches.  They should be passed out by the assigned classroom helper.
    3. No playing with toys during lunchtime in the cafeteria.
    4. All food/drinks must be eaten in the lunchroom. Do not bring food outside.
    5. Sit on your coat in the lunchroom.
    6. Please carry lunch baskets in the hallway. Do not drag the baskets.

    Rainy Day Lunch

    1. There can be no running or ball playing due to space restrictions.
    2. Paper and crayons are provided. Children can bring small items to play with from home. All items should be labeled with child’s name.
    3. When whistle is blown 3 long times that is the signal for the children to clean up and return to their lines. All children must clean up.
    4. Homeroom teachers will walk into gym/café to get their classes. 5th grade students should sit at tables and 4th sit on the rug/floor when waiting for teachers.


    Building Manners

    1. Please remember that we are a caring community and demonstrate this by using your best manners.
    2. In the morning, please listen quietly to the announcements.
    3. Please say "Good Morning," etc. to adults in the hallway and smile/wave when passing other classes.
    4. Our building signal is "Hands-Up" at which point all talking stops and attention is given to the speaker or performer.
    5. While in assemblies, please remember to sit camper style so everyone can see, and do not talk during performances.
    6. Please remember to show your appreciation for any performance by clapping at the end.