• A Message from Heidi Cislo, President of the LEF
     (from the LHS Alumni Hall of Fame Reception program)
    We are honored to celebrate education on this special day by recognizing the achievements of such distinguished alumni as Hannah August, Class of 2001, The Honorable Governor Chris Christie, Class of 1980, Nikki M. James, Class of 1999, Ronnie Konner, Class of 1966 and LEAD Awards recipients John Hopton and Dr. Barbara Tamburro. Each of them will share with us the ‘stories’ of their experiences in the Livingston Public Schools as well as their past and current achievements.
    With the Hall of Fame events as a vehicle, these ‘stories’ celebrate accomplishment. They generate awareness and illustrate to our current students and Township citizens examples of how a strong foundational public education when paired with interest-driven passion can bring personal success and create the opportunity to give back to family, school and to the local and global communities. Through the sharing of ‘stories’, students learn not only about the history of their schools and those who preceded them, but they learn about themselves. Hearing from alumni and past educators offers insights and interest in traditions and values, universal life experiences and the consideration of new ideas. Our honorees serve as models for how seeking opportunities to better ones-self through education can in-turn lift others and strengthen an entire community.
    Today we rejoice in the past and present with hopes and dreams for tomorrow. It is our vision that the examples set by our honorees will inspire educators and parents alike to create encouraging ‘stories’ both inside and outside the classroom today to make our students extraordinary tomorrow; that we as citizens will be generous in our contributions of thought, of time, of caring and of donation that will make our Livingston Public Schools extraordinary tomorrow; and that together with our Township officials and business leadership, we will collaborate as partners in the creation of new ideas to connect education in meaningful ways today that will benefit the entire community, continue the recognition of Livingston as exceptional and lay the groundwork for an extraordinary tomorrow.
    Join LEF and share your ideas so that new ‘stories’ can be heard every year ensuring the excellence of all Livingston Public Schools, our students, our families and our community. Together we can build an extraordinary tomorrow!
    Heidi Cislo