• READ!Reading Life Poster Project
    Due: September 15, 2013

    Create a collage on poster board given in class to show YOU as a READER!
    Make sure your poster includes the following:
    * 6 favorite books
    * 3 favorite authors
    * 2 favorite genres
    * 3 favorite places to read
    * one favorite book that has been read to you
    * anything else that you feel describes you as a reader!
    Be creative!
    Use neat handwriting.
    Check the spelling of your words.
    Ask your parents for some help and guidance.
    Feel free to add photographs of yourself reading or pictures of different books, authors, and/or series.

    Click the link for the Grading Rubric for this project: GRADING RUBRIC

    So MANY books, so LITTLE time!
Last Modified on September 5, 2021