• Dear Families,


    Your child has just finished reading a Big Book called Chicka Chicka Boom Boom.  It tells about the 26 letters of the alphabet, who race to the top of a coconut tree.  The tree bends under their weight, and the letters tumble to the ground.  That night, one of the letters suggests another race.  This book introduces children to the alphabet in a playful and rhythmic manner.  Encourage your child to describe the Big Book in greater detail. 

    You can help reinforce your child’s alphabet skills.  Play a game in which you take turns naming words that start with the letter a.  Then name words that start with the letters b, c, d, and so on.  Go around your home together, trying to find items whose names begin with different letters of the alphabet. 

    There are other simple word games you can play with your child.  For example, write out the letters of your child’s first and last names on individual slips of paper.  See how many words your child can make using the letters.  You may also write out a short, familiar word with the letters scrambled.  Have your child say the name of each letter.  Then see if your child can unscramble the letters and spell the word.

    Most importantly, have fun!


                                                                                                     Thank you,


                                                                                                       The Kindergarten Team

Last Modified on March 27, 2023