Daily Homework for Mrs. Crosby

  • Dear Parents,

    It is so important that your child reads every day. Just like in anything you are learning to do, whether its a sport, dance, riding a bike, or learning a new language... you need to practice and reading is no different! Each night your child will bring home a homework/communication log. Please sign or initial each night after your child has read their books.

    Below are our homework procedures: 

    1. Bring home your reading bag each day.

    2. Open your reading bag when you have a quiet time.

    3. Read your Take-Home Book (black and white copy) to a family member or friend. 

    *Parents please sign your child's homework log and return to school. Your child has a reading incentive chart in which they are working towards earning reading prizes and special coupons for their hard work! 

    4. Talk about your book and what you're thinking.

    5. Have fun with your reading!

    6. Put your book BACK into your reading bag. Be sure to put your reading bag in your backpack to bring to school the next day. 


Example of Books
Last Modified on September 6, 2022