Arrival and Dismissal Procedures
    Morning Arrival
    • Students will assemble upon arrival in either the upper gym (K-2) or lower gym (3-5).  Supervision begins at 7:35 a.m. Students can only enter the building from Door #9 (Kindergarten) or Door #5 (lower gym).  Adults are NOT permitted to enter through these doors.
    • Students participating in early morning instructional activities – Band, Chorus, Orchestra, GT Art, or GT Music - may be dropped off at the main entrance at 7:30 a.m.  Parents may pull up to the main entrance in their vehicles.
    • The bell rings at 7:50 a.m. and the late bell at 7:55 a.m. Students arriving after the late bell must be escorted by an adult into the building through the main entrance and report to the office.
    • Students riding their bicycles to school must enter via South Ashby and use the bicycle rack on the blacktop. 
    Afternoon Dismissal
    Dismissal from school shall be supervised by school staff in accordance with the procedures outlined below. Parents/guardians shall be responsible for complying with these procedures, resuming custody of their children at the end of the school day and ensuring that their children follow their instructions for safe travel home from school. Parents/guardians who fail to pick up their children at dismissal or arrange for their safe travel home from school may be reported to appropriate authorities.

    Staff Supervision

    All homeroom teachers are responsible for the dismissal of their classes. If any teacher is not able to supervise during dismissal, a substitute will be appointed to do so. 


    Teachers will see that each student is released in accordance with procedures designated by the parent/guardian on the School Dismissal Permission Form.  This must be updated in the Genesis parent portal. 


    Students enrolled and participating in an after-care program/after-school activity will go from their classrooms to the Upstairs Gym. Appropriate personnel will take attendance there (may be not district employee, i.e., YMCA staff member).


    Except for after-care participants, the playground will NOT be monitored or supervised after school hours. All children not enrolled in the YMCA after-care program should either go directly home, into vehicles picking them up or to their assigned buses, and are not to play on school grounds without parental supervision.


    Any child, who ordinarily is picked up at school by an adult, but the adult fails to collect the child at dismissal, will be sent or brought to the main office. They should not leave school grounds.


    Pick-up Location (no designated adult)

    Students are to be picked up at one of the following locations: 

       -  Door #9: Kindergarten and 1st grade
       -  Door #7 - Grades 2 and 3
       -  Door #6 - Grades 4 and 5 


    Pick-up Location (designated adult)

    Students who require pick-up and exchange of custody from the school to a designated adult (ID REQUIRED) are to be picked up inside the building at the following location at dismissal:

    ·         Main Office


    Parents/guardians who select this option must schedule a meeting with the building principal.


    Pick-up / Parking Procedures

    Drivers must comply with designated school drop-off/pick-up and parking procedures.


    Parental Authorization for Each Student’s Dismissal Procedure

    Parents/guardians will be required to complete a School Dismissal Permission Form online in the Genesis Parent Portal, to inform the school administration of the dismissal procedure to be followed for each student.  Options will include:

    ·         Dismissal by the teacher, with permission to walk off school grounds (this option will be followed until the school is in receipt of the completed School Dismissal Permission Form); 

    ·         Ride home on the school bus, with dismissal by the bus driver at the student’s designated bus stop;

    ·         Dismissal to an after-care program/after-school activity;

    ·         Exchange of custody between the school and a designated adult (ID REQUIRED) at a designated areas within the school building.

    Exceptions from Dismissal Procedures

    Exceptions or deviations from the dismissal procedure designated on the School Dismissal Permission Form are disruptive to the school and will be permitted only if requested in writing in advance by the parent/guardian or in an emergency situation. Requests must be submitted in writing to the teacher, and will be forwarded to the main office.


    If a parent, guardian or other adult who ordinarily picks up a student after school is delayed for any reason, the main office must be notified by phone before dismissal. The child will be sent or brought to the main office and will be supervised by a staff member for a brief period of time until they are picked up. If an unwarranted period of time elapses, it may be determined by the school administration that it is in the child’s best interest to call the Livingston Police Department for the appropriate transfer of supervision. If a pattern of late pick-up develops and/or persists, other arrangements must be made by the parent.