• Reading- Launching the Workshop Through Character Work
    In this unit, there will be a focus on setting up the Reading Workshop while examining characters in literature.  Students will be able to establish, reflect on and revise ongoing goals to improve reading behaviors and deepen their thinking. Students will write about character change, motivation, actions, and relationships in response to their reading.
    Writing- Launching a Community of Writers- Personal Narrative and the Writing Process
    In this unit there will be a focus on setting up the Writing Workshop while crafting a personal narrative using the qualities of good writing and techniques from mentor authors. A personal narrative is a narrative composed from a significant personal experience supported by detailed memories of that specific experience. Writers will learn to stretch the heart of their specific experience using show not tell, sensory details, action and reaction, figurative language and other narrative craft. Writers will learn to reflect on the importance of the moment they chose to develop.
    Social Studies- What is History?
    In this unit, students will determine how we know what we know about the past by defining and giving examples of primary and secondary sources, as well as interpreting the meaning of such documents and images.

    Science- Scientific Method and Design & Engineering/Design

    In this unit, students will learn the skills, processes, and practices needed to create and perform experiments. Students will be able to replicate results of the experiments they designed. Students will also apply the steps of the engineering design process to create solutions to problems.


    Health and Wellness
    Students will continue working on the six pillars of Character Education, and we are currently focusing on respect! Students will work on how to be active listeners, responsible members of the classroom community, and adept at conflict resolution and problem solving. Students will also learn and practice skills to help develop their executive functioning, which includes working memory, planning and prioritizing, organization, task completion, self-monitoring, etc. We will also use Brain Breaks throughout the day in order to keep the students focused and motivated to work. 
Last Modified on September 19, 2021