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    The cost for lunch will be $3.95 per day. This includes a hot or cold choice meal, vegetable, fruit, and choice of low-fat milk or water. We also have salads available with or without chicken.

    • A monthly lunch menu will be posted on Harrison’s website under Quick Links. Mrs. Healy will also send the new monthly menu prior to the start of each month.

    • Families have different payment options available to them.

    • One option is to set up an account through myschoolbucks.com and add funds to your account electronically. Please note that there will be a user fee each time you add funds.

    • The second option is to send a check thru the backpack to the office. Checks should be made out to “Livingston Public Schools Cafeteria Account”. Please allow time for the money to be added to your account.

    • Children may also bring in cash each day. Please place the money in a sealed envelope marked with your child’s name, grade, and teacher and the amount enclosed.
    • Please do not send large amounts of cash thru the backpack.

    • Applications for free and reduced priced meals are available through the Business Office by contacting Joann Goldberg at jgoldberg@livingston.org or through your child’s school. Completed forms should be returned to your child’s school or can be mailed directly to Joann Goldberg at 11 Foxcroft Drive. 

    • The teachers will take the children’s orders during the morning homeroom period. Please review with your child what you would like he or she to purchase.

    • The children will go through the cafeteria line and choose their entrée and beverage of choice.

    • There will be a cashier at the end of the line where the children will enter their student ID numbers into a numerical keypad. Student ID numbers can be found in the Genesis portal.  Parents are encouraged to practice these six-digit numbers with children at home until they have them memorized.

    • The teachers will help the younger children learn their numbers. During the first couple of weeks, all children will have temporary lunch cards which they can use until they learn their numbers. The cashier will also have a student ID number list handy for those students who do not remember their numbers and/or lose their cards. NO WORRIES - we will help all children with this process.

    • Many students in all grades will continue to bring a lunch from home. Please do not feel pressure to buy lunch. We encourage K children to bring a lunch during the first week or so and then to slowly begin to try a school lunch if desired. Our youngest students often need time to adjust.

    • The school lunch schedule provides students with plenty of time to get through the lunch line and eat. We have less than 100 children in each room thus the tables and rooms are not crowded. As always we have extra seating for our “slow eaters”.


    Lunch Periods

    Second-Fifth          11:15-12:10

    K-First                  11:55-12:50

     Lunch Schedule-Café/Old Gym

    11:15           Second-Old Gym     Third-Café

    11:35           Fifth-Old Gym          Fourth-Café  

    11:55           K-Old Gym               First-Café

    We have three lunch period so that each grade level has 20 minutes to eat and the rest of the recess period to play. One grade level will eat in the Old Gym and another in the Lunchroom. We have a table available for any child who needs extra time to eat.

    • A custodian is assigned to each room. All tables are washed between lunches and we promote good table manners. All children are expected to clean-up after themselves and recycle appropriate materials.  

    • All of our students are taught about food allergies. The children are not permitted to share food due to allergies.

    • Please give your children healthy snacks and lunches. Be assured that we do remind the children to eat, but many of them are anxious to go out to play or they tell us that they don't like what they have been given. We do not force children to eat. We will ask the little ones to bring home what they don’t eat, whenever possible, so parents can adjust the quantity of food sent to school.

    • Students who forget lunch will be given the opportunity to call home. Parents can bring the forgotten lunch to school or give permission for their child to be given an Aramark lunch which they can later pay for. Children with identified allergies will not be given any food unless cleared by the nurse.

    • We have supervision in each room and a teacher on duty in the Old Gym/Lunchroom every day.

    • Only school employees are allowed on the playground during lunch. We have lunchtime aides, additional kindergarten aides, and personal aides available for lunch duty every day.

    • Our school nurse and guidance counselor are also on duty throughout lunchtime.

    • Our 4th/5th grade safety patrols help monitor the playground doors, bathroom access and help with the kindergarten children.

    • We have two designated blacktop areas as well as a large field where the children play. The beautiful playground is also available.

    • The children may bring playground balls, jump ropes etc. to school to share at lunch if they wish. Label all items. No hard balls, bats, hockey sticks etc. We have a large assortment of balls and playthings available.

    • Physical activity plays an important role in keeping our children healthy and happy. Please dress your children for the weather. The children will go outside to play during the winter and will need hats, mittens and gloves.


    • PLEASE label all clothing items. In the past we have donated many beautiful unclaimed items from our Lost and Found to charity.


    • The children will remain inside during inclement or very cold weather. Children in Grades 1-5 are allowed to bring small toys to play with during this period. We also have games and drawing materials available. Suggestions to bring from home include art supplies, matchbox cars, small dolls etc. We ask that these items fit in a gallon plastic bag marked with your child’s name. Please don’t send special items that can be easily lost. We cannot be responsible for lost items. Please label all items.