Supply List

    • Supply List: You May Have Already Purchased the Items on This Supply List Through the Pta.  If You Have Not yet Purchased Supplies, You Will Need to Get the Following Items:                                           

    • 1 Pack Hefty Ziploc Slider Qt Bag 20ct

    • 1 Pack Hefty Ziploc Slider Gallon Bag 15 Ct

    • 4 Packs Crayola Crayons 24ct

    • 1 9x12 Dry Erase White Board

    • 2 Crayola Wash Fine Tip Classic Markers 8ct

    • 2 Crayola Ultra Clean Wash Thick Markers 10ct

    • 4 Elmer's .77 Oz Washable Purple Glue Stick

    • 1 Expo Fine Tip Dry Erase Markers 4 Pack

    • 2 Pk 2 Pink Bevel Eraser (Latex Free)

    • 1 Blue Plastic Pocket with Brad Folders

    • 1 Poly Envelope Velcro Side Close

    • Fiskars or Wescott 5” Blunt Scissors

    • 1 Smock (Old T-shirt) for Art (This Item Was Not Available Through the Pta Supply Order). Please Have Your Child’s Name on the Smock. 

    • Change of Clothes (Appropriate for Autumn Weather) and Extra Disposable Masks, If Desired.  Please Place These Items in a Large Plastic Ziploc Bag with Your Child’s Name on It.

    Please Send All Supplies in by Friday,September 2nd

Last Modified on August 29, 2022