School Counseling Department

  • The middle school counselor will help students understand social, emotional, and academic issues. We provide counseling that will give students life skills needed to deal with problems before they get worse. We provide counseling that will promote students’ personal, social, and academic growth. We interact with students individually, in small groups, or as an entire class. We collaborate with parents, teachers, school administrators, and the Child Student Team to develop and implement strategies to help students succeed.

    School Counselors:

    • Evaluate students' interests and abilities
    • Help students understand and overcome social and emotional problems
    • Improve communication among students, faculty, and parents
    • Keep records of standardized test scores, grades, and teacher feedback
    • Teach students to self-advocate
    • Lead Groups (academic, social, or emotional support)
    • Teach classroom lessons


    Call your child's school counselor to discuss any concerns related to:

    • peers teachers
    • homework adjustments
    • study habits
    • organization of time
    • standardized tests academics

    Contact your child's school counselor to let them know about your child's:

    • special achievements
    • change in behavior or attitude
    • extended absences
    • changes in family or home situation
    • special health concerns


School Counseling Staff