• Elementary School Parent Handbook

    Physical Education


    Students develop physical fitness, locomotor, non-locomotor and manipulative skills through participation in a wide variety of developmentally appropriate activities and games.  Emphasis on the acquisition of affective skills enables students to develop self-confidence and interpersonal skills including cooperation and sportsmanship.  Opportunities for exploratory and creative experiences, as with gymnastics, rhythms, or the Whittle climbing adventure units, assist students in developing appreciation of the aesthetic and creative qualities of human movement.  Students will participate in a wide variety of assessment activities including skill and written evaluations.


    Developmental Physical Education” is also available for students in need of additional support.  Student eligibility is determined by evaluation of gross motor skills and fitness levels in the regular PE class.  Classroom teachers, CST members, and the nurse may also make recommendations for identifying students who may benefit from services.  In addition to the criteria established, student eligibility is also determined by schedule parameters.  Students may only be enrolled in Developmental PE with the permission of the parents.


    Students must wear an athletic shoe with shoelaces and a flat sole that will provide traction on a wood floor.  Safety is foremost in physical activities and the school district reserves the right to define the parameters for safe dress and participation.  Jewelry such as necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings can be hazardous and unsafe during physical activity.  Children should refrain from wearing jewelry and bringing valuables to the gymnasium.


    A child may be excused from physical education class for one day at the request of the parent.  Medical exemption from classes for longer periods will require a doctor’s note to the school nurse, stating that a child may not participate in physical education, and also giving the date activities may be resumed.  Alternative activity or assignments will be provided as required.

Last Modified on September 25, 2008