LEF Establishes a Livingston High School Alumni Association


    May 24, 2011 – The Livingston Education Foundation has formally established the Livingston, NJ High School Alumni Association (LHSAA) as an affiliate to LEF.


    As an affiliate, the Association, and through it, each past and future graduating class of Livingston High School will enjoy the benefit of the Foundation’s tax exempt status, liability coverage, coordination with the LEF for a communication network through a combined newsletter, website links, and partnerships with the school and broader community to enhance social events such as Homecoming/Hall of Fame, class reunions and personal and professional relationships. 


    The purpose of the Association will be to promote the general welfare and interests of Livingston High School and to foster a spirit of loyalty, fraternity, communication and lifelong friendship as well as mutually-beneficial relationships between current students, faculty and administration and present and future graduates and attendees, their families and friends of Livingston High School and the entire school district and community of Livingston.    


    Walter LeVine, Vice President of LEF, noted, “Through the affiliation with LEF there will be a partnership to establish common goals in support of the Livingston Public Schools and its students. In addition, it will provide LEF the essential information for potential donors.”


    LEF and LHSAA are in the process of creating by-laws and building an Association Board, individual class representation and membership for each past and current LHS graduating class,” said Heidi Cislo, LEF President.  LEF was approached by Janis Rose Yoss and Phyllis Gendelman, who are preparing for their 40th Reunion in 2012.  Cislo continued, “The Class of 1972 is working with us to establish a model for how to best provide support for event planning, network building and a connection with the schools and community.  We are thankful to their reunion committee, which also includes, Jeff Dollinger and Roger Kohl, and their desire to be a part of this wonderful experience.  Their enthusiasm and vision will serve our district and future graduates well.”


    “We are aware that there are many wonderful connections between graduates that currently exist on Facebook, through individual class websites and mailing lists,” noted Amy Saffer, LHS Graduate, past Hall of Fame recipient and member of the Association Board.  “We hope to bring alumni together to join the Foundation to build the LHS Alumni Association while fostering the individuality that makes each class unique.”    


    Anyone interested in working with LEF to represent their graduating class or to learn more, can contact the Foundation at lef@livingston.org or by going to the LEF website @ www.livingston.org/lef.  Classes who are currently planning reunions can benefit now.  Don’t hesitate to get in touch!