What is the Hillside Equity Team?

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Livingston Public Schools’ Equity Goal seeks to improve the culture and community with LPS by enhancing inclusiveness, cultural awareness, anti-racism, and acceptance of individual differences through mandated curricular programming, extracurricular programming, and district operations. We are in the very early stages of our work and with each day we realize how much more we need to do in ensuring each of our students know they belong and are sure they are valued in our schools. 

In response to this goal, LPS created District and Building Equity Teams to put “equity into action” at every level across the school community through:

  • Data analysis and planning
  • Coaching educators on equity, anti-racism and inclusion in the classroom.
  • Planning and facilitating community conversations

The Equity Teams continue to work with teachers to make instruction more responsive to diversity, and inclusive of various cultures. The teams also work to strategically implement professional development and school-based programming focused on diversity, anti-racism, and cultural inclusivity in teaching and learning in order to create a common language and set of expectations for the school community.