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    Math sites

    Customized by grade level and topic, AAA Math features explanations of various mathematical topics, practice problems and fun, challenging games.


    This fully interactive site and allows the user to sharpen basic math skills, play games and explore new math concepts.


    Math Cats provides playful explorations of important math concepts through games, crafts and interactive projects.  Includes a magic chalkboard and an art gallery.


    This site includes 17 original games based on soccer, car racing and much more. Other games include Math Baseball, where a child can score runs with correct answers and Operation Order, where students can build pyramids with their knowledge of algebra


    Games to help students understand basic number concepts


    This site includes games that focuses on a variety of math skills including addition, subtraction, skip counting and telling time (just to name a few) Have fun!!!!


    Practice with counting money


    Create a graph

    Practice a variety of math concepts!

    Language Arts

    Find all your favorite PBS characters, each with learning games for kids to play: Clifford, Curious George, Super Why, The Cat in the Hat, and lots more.


    Starfall is a great website to help children learn to read. It includes phonics games and online interactive books.


    Discover a new wonder each day. Wonders are amazing facts and intriguing questions such as: Why are they called Lava Lamps? What Badger has a sweet tooth?


    National Geographic Little Kids

    National Geographic Little Kids features games, crafts and recipes, science, videos, and animal information. It's perfect for the 5 and under crowd.


    National Geographic Kids

    Games, videos, information,cool photos, and more will keep your kids engaged and learning on this educational site.


    Get into cooking on this kid-friendly cooking website with lots of videos and recipes.


    The photographic dictionary illustrates over five thousand common words with beautiful photos, and has many more common words sorted into categories. You can use this site as a learning tool or a children’s picture dictionary, or just to browse to look at the pictures!

    ·        Short and simple language definitions

    ·        Familiar categories

    ·        Make lists for quizzes and puzzles

    ·        Learn English as as econd language (ESL)

    ·        Find rhymes for common words

    ·        ‘Stock’ images by category


    This site makes learning fun...