• It was another busy week in kindergarten as the children continued their hard work as writers. The children have been writing Personal Narratives which are true stories that happened to them. Using the four step process of THINK, TOUCH AND PLAN, DRAW, and WRITE to help them, the children have told the most interesting stories!
    As readers, the children continued to use their 'super reading' powers to read everything! The children have been practicing how to preview a book and make predictions, and then, they read to see if their predictions were correct.
    In math, the kindergarten children have been exploring 3D shapes like spheres, cylinder, rectangular prisms, cubes, and cones. First, we identified each 3D shape and thought about 3D shapes in our world. Then, we identified attributes of these shapes. Next, we compared the 3D shapes to 2D shapes that we already knew. Last, we graphed 2D and 3D shapes. Ask you child to find each of these shapes around your house this weekend!
    cylindar rectangular prism cone
    Looking forward to next week...
    * Kindergarten trip to the Gingerbread house display (12/11)
    * More Personal Narrative writing
    * Family unit
    * Handwriting letters C and O