• vocabulary
    Context is everything!
       Vocabulary plays a fundamental role in the reading process, and contributes greatly to a reader's comprehension. A reader cannot understand a text without knowing what most of the words mean. Students learn the meanings of most words indirectly, through everyday experiences with oral and written language. Other words are learned through carefully designed instruction.
       I believe that a child with a strong vocabulary is not only a better reader, but also benefits from greater self-esteem.  Confident kids are happy kids!
        I will be introducing a new vocabulary word each week.  I will also encourage the students to use each new word at least two times during the day.
    9/23 The word of the week is:
    Something that is very, very large is enormous.
    That's an enormous ship!

    9/30 The word of the week is:



    When you fetch something, you can go and get it and bring it back.

    Who would you like to play fetch with: a puppy, or a goldfish?




    10/7 The word of the week is:



    When something rattles,

     it makes sharp, banging sounds.


    The maracas rattle when you shake them.


    10/14 The word of the week is:



    An adventure is an exciting or unusual thing that happens to you.


     Traveling to the moon sounds like a real adventure.

    10/28 The word of the week is:


    If you flip something, you turn it over.




     How is a penny like as pancake?


    11/18 The word of the week is:


    To dawdle is to take more time than you need to go somewhere.


    Don’t dawdle! You’ll be late!


    12/2 The word of the week is:



    When things are hectic, hey are very busy and rushed.


    It is not easy to study when things are hectic!