• Writing poetry - Ideas that may help you to write poetry

    • Decide on the subject you wish to write about. Start with a familiar subject and then go on to other subjects that you have never given much thought to
    • Think about something special or unique to the subject
    • List some descriptive words which may give clear information to the reader
    • Try to create pictures in the reader's mind - your aim is to fire the imagination
    • Express your feelings
    • Convey your feelings by the tone of your poetry
    • Bind the words and ideas together. Connect them by the use of rhyme or repetition
    • Get some rhythm into your poetry - the number of lines and your choice of poetry form will help you with this. Song lyrics are poetry set to music - tap out the beat or rhythm when you are writing poetry, or reading poetry
    • Visual patterns - does your written poetry create a good pattern on the page?
    • Patterns of Sound - using alliteration, assonance and onomatopoeia can create sound effects.
    • Read your poetry to a friend!
    • If you receive some constructive criticism don't be afraid to change your poetry accordingly!
    • Enjoy yourself - Writing poetry should be fun!

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Last Modified on April 12, 2009