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    Blissful Kids - Mindfulness, relaxation and positivity games and resources for kids

    Go Noodle - Movement and mindfulness for the classroom

    Hey Sigmund - Where the science of psychology meets the art of being human

    Kids Activities Blog - Mindful games for kids


    You Tube Mindfulness for Kids -  You Tube has many useful videos to use for a variety of mindfulness activities you can do in the classroom.

    Still Quiet Place - This animated video includes cute characters, fun colors and imagery, and can help students go to a "still quiet place".

    Mindful Schools - provides a wide variety of videos for use in guided meditation and mindful activities for kids.  

    Mindfulness Meditation for Kids
     - This meditation, approximately 5 minutes in length, teaches children mindfulness by helping them bring their attention to body sensations, their breathing, and their emotions. 

    GO ZEN - Kids watch engaging, entertaining cartoons to learn skills of resilience and well-being.


    Mindful Apps for Kids from Common Sense Media - Kids of all ages can reap the benefits of meditation and mindfulness using technology. Meditating even only a few minutes a day has proven to reduce stress, boost immunity, aid memory and concentration, decrease depression and anxiety, and even make you more compassionate. 

    Smiling Mind - Smiling Mind is modern meditation. We are a leading Australian not-for-profit organization that works to provide children and adults with the mindfulness tools needed to develop a healthy mind.

Last Modified on March 5, 2018