2023-2024 Intramurals have begun! Please follow the schedule below.
    For any intramural sport, you must have an updated Sports Physical and sign up through Genesis.

    2023-2024 Intramural Sports Schedule







    9/19-10/26 ended

    Mayk Pickleball Courts / Aux Gym Tu, We, Th 3:15-4:00p

    10/10-12/7 ended

    Merlo Basketball Main Gym Tu, We, Th 7:45-8:15a
    10/27-12/22 ended Gromek Table Tennis Aux Gym Mo, Fr 7:30-8:15a
    12/12-2/8 ended Merlo Volleyball Main Gym Tu, We, Th 7:45-8:15a
    1/8-3/11  ended Nann Basketball Main Gym Mo, Fr 7:30-8:15a
    2/13-4/25 ended Gromek Flag Football Main Gym Tu, We, Th 7:45-8:15a
    3/18-5/20 ended Nann Badminton Main Gym Mo, Fr 7:30-8:15a
    4/30-6/6  ended Faust  Indoor Soccer Main Gym Tu, Th 7:30-8:15a
    5/14-6/13 ended Merlo Pickleball Courts / Aux Gym Tu, We, Th 3:15-4:00p
    Intramural Sports FAQ
    What are Intramurals?
    Intramurals are recreational sports that allow everyone, of all athletic abilities, to enjoy and have fun while participating in the activities they like.  Students participating in the intramural program will receive instruction before participating in the games/activities.
    Who can join intramural sports?
    Everyone can join! All you need is an updated sports physical. You may ask the school nurse for sports physical details or click here for more information. 
    Do I have to sign up or register for intramurals?
    If you have an updated sports physical then you simply sign up for intramurals through Genesis and then you may join any sports at any time throughout the year simply by showing up during the days that work best for you. 
    Are intramural sports highly competitive?
    The intramural instructor will have multiple levels of competitiveness based upon your ability level.
    Can I play more than one intramural sport?
    Yes, you may participate in as many intramural sports as you want.
    If you have any other questions, please contact Mr. Merlo at any time.
    James Merlo, M.Ed, CPT
    Health and Physical Education
    Intramural Coordinator, HMS
    Strength and Conditioning, LHS
    973-535-8000 x8128