The opportunity you have afforded me to receive this honor shall be relished and not soon forgotten. I have enjoyed the relationships that I have forged in Livingston and anticipate their continuation.

    I have always made every effort to place high emphasis on student achievement and instructional excellence and found our Livingston schools maintained an environment that was supportive, respectful and cooperative.

    It is with great emotion that I address and share this message with you. I have always enjoyed every moment spent with the hundreds of staff, parents and of course, the children. The reason the district of Livingston is so special is that despite individual needs, we all worked together. It was important to me to impress upon my staff and students to embrace this strength as they moved on. I've always felt that one person does not make or break! The school community in its entirety sets the pulse and I strove to have this feeling every day in every school.

    Livingston Schools and their occupants are outstanding, the parents are supportive and the children genuine. This is the glue which holds "our town" together.

    I extend to all in Livingston genuine respect and sincere affection...I hope the years are kind and our paths cross many times over! As a teacher and administrator for fifty-one years, I firmly believe that the early years of children's lives are critical ones and very impressionable for them. It is essential that we as role models steer them to live harmoniously in a changing society.
    - Ralph Celebre