I cannot imagine a more wonderful way to spend a professional life than that of being a teacher. Spending days working with colleagues who are brilliant, creative, and dedicated. Working with children who become great writers, doctors, musicians, scientists, actors, politicians, and future Nobel Prize winners. Working with children who have significant disabilities who learn to drive, go to college, become entrepreneurs, own their own businesses and lead productive lives. The Livingston School District that I remember and loved was a dynamic and exciting place led by outstanding administrators, magnificent teachers, smart support staff, and a supportive and caring community. How proud we all were to work there. I often think about why I loved my career so much. I think that those of us who truly love our jobs have wonderful memories of our own school days. I had excellent teachers growing up. They were respected and admired. I learned from them how to be a good teacher and friend. I learned from the Livingston administrative staff that I remember how to be a compassionate leader. And I learned something about teaching from every teacher I hired, observed, and nurtured. It is very possible to be a strong teacher or administrator and still love the kids you teach and the people you work with. It can’t be done alone. You build a team of people you trust and admire and they will do the very best they can for you and for the children they lead, teach, and support.


    -Fraida Yavelberg