Dear Parents/Guardians: 


    Physical education is an important part of a child’s complete education. Our goal in Physical Education is to encourage a healthy, active lifestyle through quality instruction of motor movement, sport skills, fitness and movement concepts.


    Physical Education teachers follow a curriculum designed to meet the needs of children of all grade levels and abilities. We assess various skills throughout the year for the purpose of tracking improvement and for giving feedback. We do not grade children on physical fitness scores. Physical fitness testing is used to provide information to students about their level of fitness, to track improvement and for participation in goal- setting activities. Similarly, we do not grade based on athletic ability. The grading components in physical education are: skills competency, application of skills in play or games, positive personal and social behavior, ability to follow rules/directions, and participation/effort.


    Please know your child’s days for Physical Education so they are prepared. Physical Education is a state-mandated course of study in which students must participate to satisfy 150 minutes per week of health and Physical Education. Safety is our primary concern. For safety reasons, students are not permitted to physically participate if they are not prepared with proper attire including sneakers (with straps or laces) and appropriate clothing for physical activity.  Jewelry should not be worn, including watches, necklaces, long/hoop earrings etc. 


    If your child cannot participate in physical education due to a medical reason, this must be documented by the nurse. Please send a note or have a doctor’s note to excuse your child from the class.  An excuse for more than 2 PE days requires a doctor’s note. If your child cannot participate in a particular activity, or is just returning from an illness or injury, their physical education activities can be modified for that day to ensure maximum participation.


    We will be outside as much as possible. Please make sure students have layers so they can add or remove extra clothing as needed. We may be on the grass and students' sneakers may get wet. Feel free to bring an extra pair of sneakers/socks to school on their PE days.


    Please know that we value the home and school connection and encourage you to contact us with any questions. On our web page there is a variety of information on physical education, including class rules, grade-level benchmarks, and other important resources. Your support and cooperation in helping your child understand the goals and expectations of our program is a key factor in their success.


    We are looking forward to providing a fun and successful physical education experience for your children this year.



    Jason Tahan & Jackie Gronek

    Physical Education Specialists

    Riker Hill Elementary

Last Modified on March 23, 2022