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    Livingston Physical Education

    Encourages Bike Safety


    The Livingston Physical Education department along with the Livingston police department and local bike experts provide information given by the physical education specialists. This is a great opportunity to learn all about bike safety.

    The physical Education Department is also giving an informative presentation to all 3rd grade students in June to emphasize that biking is a safe activity that promotes physical fitness if you “BIKE SAFE - BIKE SMART”. All third grade students will be introduced to bike safety road rules, how to inspect your bike using A (air)-B (brakes)-C (chain), and how to choose a proper fitting helmet. The students will also participate in a game reviewing road rules and safety situations.  
    Please see links Below:


    See what the 3rd grade students will learn 
    See the handout students completed and were asked to take home to discuss with parents
    See what the presentation students participated in at the assembly
    Video Presentation 
    see this very informative video on bike safety
Last Modified on March 26, 2024