• Late Bus Routes for After-School Activities

    After-school activities at HMS are now in full swing and we are happy to see so many students participating in intramural sports, the school play and other extracurricular activities. Late bus service is available for students with after-school bus passes who are staying for these programs or getting extra help from teachers.

    The late bus departs from HMS at 4:10 p.m. every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday and will only travel on the designed route. Please be advised that the length of the trip may vary based on traffic conditions, but the full route should take about one hour.

    Also, it is important to note that students may not be dropped off at their normal bus stops. In some instances, this may mean students will be required to walk a longer distance from the bus stop to home on the late bus route.

    Stops will be announced in advance. Please make sure your student understands that the late bus stop may be different than their regular stop and that they know where to get off.

    For questions, please call the LPS Transportation Department (973) 535-8000 ext. 8027. If you need to reach the transportation department for an emergency after school hours, please call Lisa Marazzo, at (201) 704-5981.