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    Lancer Bands
    Teacher Name: Mr. Hegedus
    Class(es) Taught: LHS Lancer Marching Band and LHS Lancer Jazz Band and Lab Band
    Room: LHS Band Room



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             LHS LANCER and LAB JAZZ BANDS


    2018/2019  Lancer Jazz Bands

    Audition Information


    Jazz Band auditions will take place on November 14.  The audition times will be as follows:


    Lunchtime- Vocal in the Chorus Room

    3-4PM- Percussion auditions in the Band room Practice room

    4-6PM-ALL Saxophones in the Band Room Office

    4-5PM-Trumpet in the Orchestra room

    4-5PM-Piano in the Chorus room

    5-6PM-Trombone in the Orchestra room

    5-6PM-Guitar and Bass in the Chorus room



    The Jazz Band auditions will take place in the rooms noted above.  Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your audition time. Please note:  the times above are approximations, so they could go longer then what it says. You MUST bring your audition application to the audition. If you lose your application, scales sheet or audition solo you can find it on Jazz Band webpage on the LHS website.   The scales (blues and dorian) must be swung and you may use the scale sheet. There will also be sight-reading on the audition. 

    Amps will be provided for guitar and bass auditions, if you are not comfortable with them you may bring your own.  The drum set will be provided for the audition. 

    The audition results will be posted outside the band room BY Wednesday, November 21, 2018.

    Please remember the attached schedules for both Jazz Bands are tentative and subject to change.  Performances will be added to the schedule for both bands.  The students will be notified well in advance of any change in the schedule whether it is a rehearsal or performance.

    Good Luck on your audition!

    Mr. Hegedus

    Mr. Donough







     If you have any questions about the Jazz Band program please feel free to email me at jhegedus@livingston.org






















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